Sunday, November 18, 2007

I was supposed to run 11 miles yesterday. Well, that didn't happen. My son, A.--21 months, has epilepsy, has not been sleeping well lately. He's up a couple of times each night and I can't just get him a bottle and lay him back down like I would normally do. I have to sit and hold him and then I fall asleep and before I know it we've been lying on the couch asleep for an hour or two. Then because of some new medicine (I'm supposing because I don't know for sure) he wakes up and is wide awake ready to play. This is at 4:00 in the morning. Anyway, I decided that if things are going to continue like this I better train with a less intensive program. The one I was using was for a time goal. I think I better start with one that will help me finish a marathon.

So I ended up running 6 miles. It felt pretty good. While I was running I decided that I was going to stop messing around with my weight loss goals. I just need to get back to what I did back in February and early March that helped me so much, writing down what I eat and going really gung ho. Like eating brown rice and having no goodies at all. It's funny how I feel the most ambitious when I'm running. I have made some pretty big goals in my head as I've been running down the road. I'm usually not able to keep the commitments that I make to myself when I do that. One thing I committed too though was to not eat after 7:00 every night. It's only been 2 nights but so far I'm doing it. Yay for me! I weighed in at 146 this morning so maybe it's already paying off a little.


Julie J. said...

That is a great goal. Nor eating abter 7 is huge. I don't know how often you ate after 7, but I'll bet you get instant results.

Kim said...

I've been eating after 7 all the time and usually bad stuff too. In just 3 days I've had great results even when my daytime eating isn't that great. I'll definitely try to keep this up.

Julie J. said...

Wow! I relly ned to prof reed.