Saturday, February 28, 2009

Things Heard and Seen

I know it's been way too long again and I really need to write a couple of posts about our trip to Disneyland and Destructo's(3) experience with preschool. Until I get to that though, I thought I'd post about a couple of interesting/funny things I've heard and seen lately.

While walking through the girls' section in Walmart I glanced at the racks of training bras. I couldn't help but notice the brand name of some of them: "Sweet Nothings."

I was running around the track at the Rec Center the other morning. Two older ladies, probably in their 60's were walking together and chatting. Just as I passed them I overheard one say to the other, "...and her husband's a tall glass of water, too."

On the radio I heard that in Arkansas there is a bill going through the state congress that would allow people to carry a concealed weapon with them into a church. Right now apparently, the only two places that concealed weapons are banned are in church and bars. Interesting pairing.


Kristyn said...

Come on now... you need to be careful of what and who you are making fun of. I have, in the recent past, worn a bra called "Barely There." Yes, I'll admit I have nothing. I just need to savor these next couple of months while I am nursing. After that I will be back to "barely there!"

Julie J. said...

Ha Ha! Sweet Nothings"? That is so funny!

Tamara said...

Those are funny! I always enjoy a good random saying or sign that brightens my day.