Monday, December 29, 2008

More Kid Quotes

Yesterday we travelled for a couple of hours to go see my cousin who is leaving on his mission this week. Since it was a lot of time in the car the kids had to entertain themselves whatever way they could. At one point they started playing 20 Questions. It was Littleman(5)'s turn and OrphanAnnie(7) asked him what it was, an animal, vegetable, or mineral. He said it was a cinnamon roll. She said, "No. You're not supposed to tell us what it is. Think of something and then tell us if it's a vegetable, animal, or mineral." He said, "It's a cinnamon roll," and the conversation went back and forth with more and more frustration on both sides until we realized that he was saying "mineral" the way that he knew how, "cinnamon roll."

Later they were pretending that they were being chased by bad guys. Bookworm(9) was sitting in the middle row and OrphanAnnie and Littleman were sitting in the back. OA and LM told BW to shoot the bad guys so she turned around and said, "Deck the halls!" I said, "Deck the halls? What do you mean? What do you think 'Deck the halls' means?" She answered, "Get out of the halls."


Tamara said...

Your kids are too funny! They make me laugh! I love hearing what they say.

Julie J. said...

They are hilarious! I'm very impressed that you listen to them. I only have one kid and I tune him out as much as possible, especially in the car... Don't ya'll have a TV in your van? We would have watched a movie and then there would have been nothing for us to blog about.

Lisa said...

So funny!! I wish we were closer to hear their funny comments first hand!