Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kid quotes

Yesterday, the kids got up a little early and we were trying to sleep in a bit. Mr. Dad got up a couple of times to get them to quiet down and finally made them go downstairs. I came out about an hour later and they came upstairs complaining. Bookworm(9) said, "Daddy made us go downstairs but it was just Littleman(5) being loud and it wasn't us and I was so hungry I was going crazy. It felt like I was going to throw up or like I was having a baby!"

Littleman: "I want some air hockey chicken." (teriyaki)


Julie J. said...

Wow! BW is in for a big suprise when she actually does have a baby. Or when she actually does miss a meal.

Tamara said...

They are so funny! The air hockey chicken was so random. And, Book Worm is going to be in for a shock.