Monday, May 26, 2008

I don't know what to call this post!

There are too many things on my mind. I really want to post more often but I can't seem to take the time to do it. School is almost over so there are lots of things going on. This last week we had the dance festival for the two older girls and preschool graduation for Littleman(5). We also had pictures for baseball and three games in one night--and that one night was freezing cold. (The day before had been 90 degrees and that day was so cold! What is with this weather?!)

Oh, and I forgot about American Idol. The results show was the same night that we had those three games so I recorded the finale. I watched it after we got home and got to the part at the very end where Ryan Seacrest is standing with the envelope next to the two Davids. He starts in with his tension-filled announcement, when all of a sudden the recording stops. I gasped, then I screamed. It was so crazy. Luckily for me, Mr. Dad had been watching something else on a different TV but had seen the announcement on the news. He pretended to be Ryan Seacrest for me and it was almost as good. ;) So, I was wrong about David Archuleta but as I think about it, my conspiracy-theorizing mind wonders if Simon was hard on David Cook because he and the producers wanted Cook to win. I've noticed on some of these "America Votes" shows that when someone is put down by the judges, sometimes they end up getting more votes because people feel bad for them or they want to show the judges that what they say doesn't matter or something. Of course, David Cook was probably going to win anyway and I'm just being stupid.

I have so many more things to talk about but I'm afraid it will have to wait until another time. So for now, you'll just have to wait with great anticipation for my next posts. (Read with a sarcastic tone.) :)


Kristyn said...

The same thing happened to me with American Idol. We were recording it and started watching it live but between phone calls and putting the kids to bed we got behind. It stopped at the exact same point. I was so mad too. We had to read it on the internet. What a let down. I am sappy and love all the emotions at the end.

Eric said...

I think a vast majority of america that Tivoed it had the same thing happen. I read where there were lots of people that watched it later and it ended, "and the winner is David..." I have to admit that is kinda funny. That's almost like Hiedi interrupting the Superbowl back in the day. Except I probably would have been pretty upset if I was watching the Superbowl.

Chain Reader said...

I think you're right about Simon's comments upping David Cook's vote. I think he may have one anyways, but I think it may have been closer. I can't remember percentages of votes exactly, but I remember thinking it was a bigger difference than I expected. I am so glad I was watching it live. There were so many performances I wanted to see that I made everyone else's night hectic just so I could watch it. Of course even doing that, I missed about 1/3 of it. I can't expect miracles just for American idol can I?