Sunday, January 30, 2011

Entertaining Friends

When J. and I first got married I thought we'd do a lot more entertaining than we do. He seemed to have so many friends that he kept in close contact with that I thought we'd be inviting them over often for games and food and that sort of thing. Well, that didn't end up being the case, probably more because of me than because of him. As I've already explained, I'm not a good housekeeper so inviting people over causes me stress, therefore we don't invite people over very often.

I've decided tonight that one aspect of my new "happy at home" motto is going to be about sharing time with friends and family. I am going to get my house together and organized so we can invite friends over without causing me too much stress and anxiety. There's another motivation to get off my rear end and get some things done. Hopefully an invitation will be extended to you soon.

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Julie J. said...

This is true for me too. I always think I would like to invite people over, and I LOVE to host dinnners and book club and stuff like that. And I always think, if I had stayed on top of all this stuff regularly it wouldn't be such a chore when I do actually host something. One year, a few years back, I had a New Year's Resolution to invite one family from our ward over for dinner every Sunday. It didn't even happen once and it wasn't because I thought the cooking would be too much. It was the thought of cleaning the bathroom every Saturday so I wouldn't be embarassed if they needed to use it. Imagine all the fun memories we could have had and friendships we could have made. Sad.