Saturday, March 15, 2008

10K Run

I won a silver medal! I ran in a 10K this morning and came in 2nd in my age division. I love races. I guess it's that competitive spirit that comes out in me. There's just something so fun and exciting about being at the starting line with hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. The gun goes off and sometimes there are so many people you are almost tripping over each other so that you can barely walk much less run. Slowly people start to spread out as those in the front sprint out ahead, the walkers fall behind and everyone just finds a rhythm and pace of their own. Then you start to recognize people around you. First the guy with the green and yellow shorts might pass you but later you pass him. The girl with the bright pink shorts and the pony tail stays just a few yards ahead of you. Then towards the end of the race you pass the green shorts guy and he doesn't pass you again. The ponytail girl is starting to pull away but somewhere deep inside you find a little reserve of energy and put it into gear. You pass her with 100 yards to go and it doesn't matter that by the time you cross the finish line, 230 people have crossed it before you. You beat the pony-tail girl and your last race time by 25 seconds. It's so awesome! And for me after several races I started getting closer and closer to placing in my age group and then one time I got third and the next time 4th, but the next time 2nd. It feels amazing! I know lots of people that just run for exercise and really enjoy it but I have to say that nothing gets me more excited about running than a race.

Here is Max Hall (BYU's awesome quarterback) announcing the winners.

Here's my reaction when my name is called.

Here's me with my silver medal!

Fun day!

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Chain Reader said...

Congratulations! That is just so amazing and inspiring. I'm just trying to get a little better each time I jog--I try to make the jogging portions longer by going past one more tree each time! Babysteps!